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We provide both Hard and Soft services to the clients. The services are offered individually or integrated to provide Total Facility Management Solutions.

Hard / Engineering Services

Corporate world invest sizeable funds , in creating physical assets like buildings, offices and factories with several hi-tech engineering systems. The assets and the support systems should be properly maintained to have a smooth working environment without any hindrance. Proper maintenance enhance the asset value over the years. Our integrated engineering services approach relieves you of maintenance headaches so that you can focus on your core area of business. We have the experience and expertise in cost management practices which will ensure value Engineering and cost cutting without compromising the functional or operational performance.

Soft / Housekeeping Services

The present day modern buildings are more than concrete, windows and doors. Its more than a facility to house employees and equipment's. Its the company's face to the world. Our facility management total package includes cleaning chemicals, materials, floor care automated equipment and support services to keep building cleaner while reducing expenses.

Hard / Engineering Services Soft / Housekeeping Services
Operation and maintenance of Electro-Mechanical Installations. Housekeeping & Janitorial services
Air-conditioning and HVAC systems Facade cleaning
Water Management & plumbing Carpet shampooing
Building Automation, repairs and maintenance Garden and Lawn maintenance
Fire detection safety and alarm systems Help Desk services
Energy Management Clerical services
Power supply system including DG Sets Accountants/Clerks
ETP/STP Management Peons
Operation and Maintenance of Mobile towers Governess
AMC & Preventive maintenance Office boys
Technical advice and assistance Cooks
Quality assurance on maintenance activities. Caretakers
General Maintenance technicians Drivers

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